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Lucasarts Introduction Ripped GM 15.06.98
Friends: The Complete and Uncut Edition Ripped GM 15.06.98
Pleasantly Understated Credit Sequence - CD Version Remixed GM 06.07.98
Another Idiotic and Baffling Assignment Ripped GM 18.05.98
Outside Headquarters Ripped GM 23.06.98
Greetings from the USA Ripped GM 26.06.98
Highway Surfing Ripped GM 20.05.98
Louisiana Snuckey Exteriors Ripped GM 07.07.98
Michigan Snuckey Exteriors Ripped GM 26.07.98
Texas Snuckey Exteriors Ripped GM 27.07.98
Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 1 Ripped GM 09.06.98
Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 2 Ripped GM 03.07.98
Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 3 Ripped GM 03.07.98
Snuckey's Greatest Hits Volume 4 Ripped GM 05.09.98
Carnival of the Odd Ripped GM 09.06.98
Impressions of a Carnival Ripped GM 05.09.98
Hall of Oddities Ripped GM 05.09.98
Wak-A-Rat Ripped GM 09.06.98
Cone of Tragedy Ripped GM 27.07.98
Doug the Mole Man Ripped GM 23.06.98
Trixie's Trailer Ripped GM 27.07.98
World of Fish / I'm a Trout, Stupid! Ripped GM 26.06.98
World's Largest Ball of Twine Ripped GM 06.07.98
Outside Mystery Vortex Ripped GM 23.08.98
Frog Rock Ripped GM 21.07.98
Welcome to Bumpusville! Ripped GM 21.07.98
The Tale of Brave Sir Sam Ripped GM 23.08.98
Indiana Sam and the Last Toupee Ripped GM 21.07.98
Dino Bungee National Memorial Ripped GM 23.08.98
Wally and Rex Ripped GM 03.10.98
Extracting the Tooth from a Per... Predator? Ripped GM 03.10.98
End Titles Ripped GM 07.07.98

Greetings from USA! (1.0MB)

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