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August 1st, 2001 Something a tad different this time. A mix of the complete Rollercoaster of Death sequence from The Curse of Monkey Island, optimized as good as it can be without getting my hands on the original recordings. Oh, and a little something extra at the end. I recommend downloading one of the best pieces ever written for a Monkey Island game.
January 31, 1999 More good stuff from the greatest computer game sound department ever created: Three new DOTT MIDIs and four exciting new MIDIs from Fate of Atlantis. And for all of you American football enthusiasts out there, enjoy your Superbowl Sunday. :)
January 21, 1999 We're starting the new year off quite well! Four new FOA MIDIs (and an updated one), two rather boring MI2 MIDIs, two new DOTT MIDIs, and two new GF MP3s! Phew, and by the way, happy 1999. :)
December 23, 1998 From "all" of us to all of you, a very merry christmas! BUT! What is christmas without a song? Right, so check the Grim section for one... Also, a "new" Indy3 MIDI. Has been done for months really, no idea why we haven't released it yet. We even added it to hlptit back then, so no update there this time. Happy new year too and see you in the next year :)
December 13, 1998 Three new MI2 MIDIs and, after a long break, two new DOTT MIDIs. Also, the LEC store is now selling the Grim Fandango soundtrack, so go buy! And, in case we don't see you for a while, have a merry Christmas! :)
December 1, 1998 After a while of heavy work on all issues, we're back! - With a surprise... HighLand Digital just opened, giving you quality mp3s! Be sure to check the pre-made FAQ entry on this :) First one is from Grim Fandango. Also, three new Indy4 MIDIs for your enjoyment.
November 1, 1998 It's out! And to celebrate, we now release the full Grim Fandango Preview Video Music, as well as the CMI Introduction (no, not the main theme - not yet :)
October 24, 1998 New Fate of Atlantis MIDIs for your never-tiresome LEC listening pleasure! :) Also, if you're in the US, keep your eye out for LEC's latest graphic adventure with music by Peter McConnell, Grim Fandango. Expected in stores the week of Oct. 26.
October 10, 1998 Sorry about the recent lack of updates, but we're back! Let's see... A new Indy3 MIDI, and a couple of Sam & Max MIDIs... Approaching the completion of Sam & Max, but still some way to go :)
September 19, 1998 And what do we have this time? Five MI2 MIDIs, some new, some already done by Quest Studios, but with additional material. Go! Now! :) Oh! Remember to celebrate the 100th MIDI anniversary! (105 now).
September 12, 1998 Three new Fate of Atlantis MIDIs for your enjoyment. Oh, and don't forget to check out the new Michael Land interview at The Michael Land Homepage.
September 5, 1998 Yep, more SNM MIDIs. Two new ones, and an updated version of Hall of Oddities, including a middle part featuring the brilliant Sam and Max motif. And... We'll be back.
August 23, 1998 New Sam & Max MIDIs for your listening pleasure. Oh, and we've given up. You may now freely use the original message board link below :)
August 17, 1998 Two new MI2 MIDIs today for your enjoyment. Oh, and the symbolic link to the message board is down, temporarily go here instead.
August 10, 1998 Only one thing for you today, but on the other hand, it opens a whole new section - for Grim Fandango. Check it out! :) Oh, and the symbolic link to the message board is down, temporarily go here instead.
August 3, 1998 A new CMI MIDI, and three new Indy4 MIDIs dropped by for tea.
July 30, 1998 Two new Indy3 MIDIs added, and we've started doing the links page, with links to related spots on the web. :) Oh, and we've updated Venice from Indy3 to an on-beat version.
July 27, 1998 New Sam & Max MIDIs once again. Also, we've revised and added to the FAQ, and changed all pages to follow the new date format.
July 24, 1998 Yep, 4 new DOTT MIDIs today. What more is there to say? :) Oh yes, during the next days, all size fields on the pages will be changed to dates. Size is rather stupid to have there, while date could be helpful :) But it'll take some time.
July 21, 1998 OK, OK, a short break, but we're back now with some Sam & Max MIDIs for all your Sam & Max MIDI needs. As usual, more to come soon.
July 16, 1998 It's with a bit of nostalgia that we hereby close the book of the original MI1 soundtrack - it's complete (note that we uploaded new versions of the two LeChuck themes). Also, two new MI2 MIDIs.
July 15, 1998 Another landmark reached: Along with a few MI2 MIDIs, you can now find an Indy3 MIDI and two MI1 MIDIs. More to come soon.
July 13, 1998 A few new MI2 MIDIs. If you know of any MI2 MIDIs that have NOT previously been released, write us on the message board. Also, MI and Indy3 MIDIs coming soon.
July 11, 1998 Not much to say: A bunch of new Fate of Atlantis MIDIs. And guess what? The title base is updated! :)
July 7, 1998 And once again we hit you with more SNM and DOTT MIDIs (yes, planning on having a complete soundtrack soon ;) )
July 6, 1998 Thanks for welcoming the message board so enthusiastically :) News for today: A new DOTT and two new SNM MIDIs + updated title base of course.
July 3, 1998 Quite a few news: The message board is up, Joonas Linkola of Lucasfans has ported hlpalias to PIRCH (still using the same hlptit.ini, which also has had a few bug fixes), and a some DOTT and SNM MIDIs are up. Fooled you Spaff! Muahahahaaa!
June 30, 1998 Pirate Song! Yes, and even including a little prize for those who care to read the text files supplied with the MIDIs :) Also, a new FOA MIDI is up, and hlptit.ini has of course been updated (including a bugfix for the original script).
June 29, 1998 Yipee! The MI2 section has opened: Two MIDIs and a piece of sheet music for download! Also, by request, a mIRC script for playing LEC MIDIs has been released on the Other Downloads page. For more info, check the included docs.
June 26, 1998 Yet another DOTT MIDI, and yet two other Sam & Max MIDIs.
June 23, 1998 Two new Sam & Max MIDIs. And... Erm... How do we put this? Rollercoaster of Death is finally done! Head on to the CMI page, now! :)
June 20, 1998 Oh boy, Ben. Finally the first Full Throttle MIDI has been released (although a little short). Also, there's a new DOTT MIDI to be found.
June 17, 1998 A new CMI MIDI has been released (in Roland GS format, check the FAQ for more info). Also, three new DOTT MIDIs and a new Fate of Atlantis MIDI. By the way: Please use the mail links at the bottom so far.
June 15, 1998 Ah! Nothing like a couple of new Sam and Max MIDIs, don't you think?
June 14, 1998 The Fate of Atlantis Section has opened with four new MIDIs.
June 9, 1998 Yes, we've moved to a much better server! And to celebrate: New SNM and DOTT MIDIs, an FAQ and a slightly new design. More will be on in a couple of days.
May 28, 1998 The Day of the Tentacle Section has opened with two new MIDIs. Oh, make that three new MIDIs, although the third doesn't count, but still has been made due to popular request...
May 20, 1998 Yet another Sam & Max MIDI hits the road.
May 18, 1998 A new Sam & Max MIDI is up.
May 6, 1998 Added yet another CMI MIDI - an improved version of telarium's old Danjer Bay Overview arrangement.
May 5, 1998 The page is now official!
May 4, 1998 The first two MIDIs, from Zak McKracken and CMI have been uploaded.
May 3, 1998 This page unofficially saw the light of day.

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