Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge HighLand Productions
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Chapter Screen Ripped GM 15.07.98
Scabb Island Overview Ripped GM 13.07.98
Stabbing Largo and the Return of LeChuck Ripped GM 29.06.98
Captain Dread and the Map Ripped GM 19.09.98
Phatt Island Jail Ripped GM 19.09.98
Phatt Island Wheel o' Fortune Ripped GM 19.09.98
If This is Three... Ripped GM 15.07.98
Outside Governor Phatt's Mansion Ripped GM 17.08.98
Phatt Mansion Guard Ripped GM 19.09.98
Governor Phatt's Room Ripped GM 19.09.98
Phatt Island Waterfall Ripped GM 13.12.98
Secret Waterfall Tunnel Ripped GM 21.01.99
Rum Rogers Cottage Exteriors Ripped GM 13.07.98
The Drinking Contest Ripped GM 16.07.98
Rum Rogers' Secret Room Ripped GM 21.01.99
Governor Marley's Guard House Ripped GM 17.08.98
Governor Marley's Mardi Gras Fish Fry Ripped GM 16.07.98
Stealing Elaine's Map Ripped GM 13.12.98
Elaine and Guybrush Ripped GM 13.07.98
The Crypt / Rapp Scallion Ripped GM 13.07.98
The Capture and Escape from LeChuck's Fortress Ripped GM 13.07.98
Big Whoop Pillar / Indiana Threepwood Ripped GM 13.12.98
Voodoo Doll Standoff Ripped GM 29.06.98

Sheet Music
Jojo the Monkey 29.06.98

Special Edition Soundtrack Pack (74.8MB)
Underground Tunnels Orchestral Remix (8.8MB)
Governor Phatt's Room Remix (2.0MB)

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