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Quest Studios
Hosted by Tom Lewandowski, this is one hell of a collection of Sierra MIDIs, all recorded with an MT-32 from the game, and most of them are converted to GM too! Go! Go! And, while you're there... Be sure to get the second casino theme from LSL3 (lsl3cas2.mid) :)
MrCoulomb's Fine Leather MIDIs
The place to go for more arrangements of LEC MIDIs! Hosted by Peter Silk (MrCoulomb), and dedicated to bringing you quality MIDIs, this page is sure to change your mind about the color orange too!
The Grim Fandango MIDI Soundtrack
Here you'll find collected all the various MIDIs arranged from the music of Grim Fandango, including ones by the host, Evan Lutton.
Due to moral and legal issues, Tom Lewandowski of Quest Studios has decided to let LEC dedicated pages be distributors of his LEC MIDIs. At Lucasfans, you'll be sure to find them all (and others, including the ones by Peter Cardwell), and get lots of other Lucasartistic stuff :)
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